Optimum Living Inc.

  Helping People Achieve Optimum Participation in Everyday Living 

Optimum Occupational Therapy is billed as outpatient occupational therapy under Medicare B benefits in Ohio and Indiana.  No other commercial insurances are currently accepted in Ohio, Indiana or Kentucky.  This may change, so ask about your particular insurance.  Otherwise, services are provided on a self-pay basis and the following applies:

  • Clients who pay on day of service receive a reduced rate as a reward for keeping our costs down and our cash flow unencumbered. 
  • For transition services and 1:1 therapy sessions (not PGAP™  ) each session is documented and the client will receive a copy of documentation when the invoice is mailed. 
  • Fees not paid on date of service are billed within 1 week of service and expected to be paid within 3 weeks of service at the full rate/ balance on the bill. 
  •  For clients who want to submit documentation to either their insurance or to their Healthcare Flexible Spending Account, diagnosis codes (ICD-10) and procedural codes (CPT) will be included in documentation.