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Additional Services

Neuromotor Retraining and Home Program Development

For clients who have neurologically-induced weakness of an upper extremity, we can develop practical motor retraining programs based on your current level of function.  If you have an electrical stimulation device from previous therapies but are not comfortable in its use, we can also help you integrate its use, as appropriate, into your home program.  We work with you in your home in your real activities to optimize your likelihood of carry over.  Research shows that the best opportunity for motor return is with task-specific training, a "just right challenge", and lots of repetition.

Fall Risk and Home Safety Assessments

Falls are the leading cause of unintentional injury and deaths in the elderly.  Direct falls-related costs in the U.S. in 2013 exceeded $34 billion.  Several factors can have an influence on fall risk: medication, gait and balance, sensorimotor, vision, and environment.  OpTimum Occupational Therapy can complete fall risk sreenings, home safety assessments, and help you get started on a fall prevention program in  your home or in the community.  We will make referrals for other services as needed.

Lifestyle Management

Occupational therapy’s client-centered approach correlates well with chronic disease self-management.  Certain chronic conditions are worsened by lifestyle, so our goal is to help individuals reduce those lifestyle risks through education, adaptation, compensation, and skills development in a personalized manner.   We choose with the client the techniques that will help the client sustain current abilities and cope with the physiological and psychological strain associated with the specific chronic condition.  Our role is to help the client participate as fully as possible in his/her desired occupations.